Excellent for those who need peace of mind

Halos Smart Labs is proud to introduce a smart smoke alarm that only needs to be setup once before its protection kicks in.

It will take care of you based on your habits. It is a smart alarm that will get used to your habits and observe your necessities for the ultimate smoke and fire protection.


  • An easy to install kit – no professional needed
  • Instant access to the app
  • Immediate smoke protection
  • Smart durability


Our smart smoke alarm is far from the classic models that hit the market decades ago and maintained their popularity overtime. Instead, our product comes with new technologies that make smoke detection a more efficient job. Not only will it be triggered in no time, but it also works as a smart product based on your needs.


Our system relies on son the photoelectric technology. It is not new at all – it just has not been implemented into smoke alarms until we decided to do it. The technology is much more efficient at detecting smoke because it relies on ionization. Therefore, in the case of an unfortunate event, it will react faster, giving you much more time.


The smoke detector will not just sound an alarm when unexpected situations arise, but it will also tell you which room the smoke comes from.



Great technology

Smoke alarms based on smart systems will provide a more personalized protection.

Instant delivery and use

Order the alarm, get it and install it yourself right away, then manage it through an app.

Great for everyone

It makes no difference if you live alone or you have a big family – our alarm is excellent.

Identifying locations

The alarm will tell you the room the smoke comes from if any situations occur.


Smart device

The alarm can make the difference between steam and fire smoke to prevent miscalling.

Wireless connectivity

The Wi Fi connectivity improves its results, but it will not affect its efficiency if absent.

Modern technologies

The photoelectric technology and the ionization technology will make the difference.

Great for businesses

Our system is suitable to both residential homes and business environments.


We have customers all over the world and we never let anyone down.

Our alarm can be installed anywhere. There are no requirements. We have customers in over 145 countries.

You do not even require a professional installation. Simply get in touch with us today and put your name on the list – smoke protection has never been smarter. It is widely accessible to everyone.


This video will provide more details about how our alarm systems work, but also about their advantages in the long run.


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Maintenance Facilities That You Get In A Condominium

One of the best perks of living in a condominium is that you get a lot of amenities which make your life easier and convenient. Although there are many types of condominiums like a less expensive, duplex condo or a luxurious condo but among all the types, nowadays people prefer budget condo more in which they not only get luxurious floor plan but they are also available at reasonable prices.

Disregard the type of condominium and number of people residing in it, the regular maintenance of condominiums is what have made these modern housing plans so demandable in the real estate market. Thus, the township owners provide a maintenance association to every building which makes sure that residents of the condos live in peaceful, hygienic and issueless homes. So, if you are shifting in a condo then you won’t have to worry about anything because managing association will get it all done.

Here are a few things that are covered in the condo maintenance by the associations: 

Cleaning the carpeting – Condominiums are a mark of standard living because of its interiors which include carpet flooring of high quality. Without any doubt, these kinds of flooring need to be cleaned or washed regularly. Especially, the carpet of the lobby and hallways where it gets lots of dust thus managers will make sure to keep your carpet clean and vibrant with regular clean ups and also prevent it from any permanent damage.

Cleaning your vent – Since there are several condos in the same building thus one of the major problems faced by the condo residents who don’t get proper maintenance is the clogged air vents. It might cause the circulation of impure air in your house and sometimes it can also lead to fire. Thus, best townships like Piermont Grand provide you with proficient managers who will give regular checks to your vents and also clean them on time. They will be clearing all the vents of your home from inside as well as outside.

Regular Checks on HVAC – Professionals of the condos know that how irritated and angry residents can get at breakdown of HVAC systems. Not just residents but also it is a big problem for owners as replacing them can cause big expenses. Thus, managing association of the condos will make the regular checks of HVAC system of the building and fix the issue before it gets worse.

Pest Control – It is the major part of maintaining the hygienic as well as healthy environment in the society. You condos will be given regular measures for controlling the pests like mice, insects, spider webs, spiders, bed buds, termites, mosquitoes, wasps and every pest that is required to be removed from your condo. They ensure the safety from these pests and give a healthy place to live.

Security – Condos are best known for their high standard security systems among all kinds of housings. This is only possible because of the efficient managers who keep up with security system and immediately resolve the issues to protect the residents from thefts and vandalism. It includes regular checkups and maintenance of the cameras in the condo, attentiveness of the guards, etc. 

How Often You Need To Clean Your Home?

Cleaning can be fun, but this doesn’t change the fact it is mandatory. Different parts of a home need to be cleaned in different time periods. Today, you will learn which parts of a home need to be cleaned daily, weekly and in other time periods and also why. After all, it is essential to understand proper cleaning has a positive effect on hygiene and can protect you from nasty germs and bacteria.

Daily: Kitchen

A kitchen should be cleaned daily. This doesn’t involve deep cleaning but rather dust removal and wiping the countertops. At the same time, you can clean the floor if needed. Kitchen needs to be professionally cleaned, like experts at Leduc cleaning services perform. It will make sure the hygiene is proper and there are no germs and bacteria that may affect your meals while cooking.

If you have small children, it is essential to clean the kitchen once a day. You can even hire professionals to do it instead of you. In that case scenario, you can clean your kitchen once a week, but wipe the countertops once a day.

Weekly: Bedroom and bathroom

Bedroom needs attention as well. Yes if you like you can clean it every day, but in most homes, it requires weekly cleaning. This means that you need to replace your bedding and wipe the elements removing the dust. Make sure to vacuum it at least once a week although more frequent vacuuming can be an even better choice.

The bathroom doesn’t have to be cleaned every single day. After all, it is a complicated and time-consuming task that will require from you a lot of patience. Instead, clean it once a week, but wipe all the areas and the floor. Use the proper detergents and cleaning solutions that kill germs and bacteria, especially in the toilet.

 One per year: Deep cleaning

Every single year a homeowner needs to clean his home entirely. This is known as deep cleaning and you may need to get a better idea about what it involves. We will give you just a few examples. Deep cleaning includes cleaning of ceiling fans, air vents, and areas under the furniture. Of course, the entire process has a lot more segments and all of them are equally important.

Deep cleaning must be implemented to the entire house, not only one part. By performing it, you need to pay close attention to details as well. Each segment must be completed in a matter that it doesn’t require additional attention. In return, you will have a clean home which is free of germs and bacteria. There won’t be dust either.


It is crucial to know when and what to clean. By following this simple recommendation you will have a clean home, yet you won’t invest a lot of time into actually cleaning it. This is the beauty of proper organization. We should add that if you are germophobe you will probably clean the entire house every day, so this won’t be very helpful for you.

Which Canopy Material You Need To Consider For Your New Pop-Up Tent?

There are many options you will encounter as soon as you start looking for a new canopy pop-up tent. One of the most important is the material of the canopy. As always, there are several options and they are different. If you want the answer to what’s the best pop up canopy pop-up tent you will need to know which material is the most suitable for your needs.

Polyester: Excellent for occasional usages

If you need a canopy pop-up tent that will be used occasionally and you want an affordable unit, then polyester is the best option. It is durable, think and can be easily folded. This also means that transportation won’t be an issue. When it comes to UV rays, polyester won’t block them, making it less effective than other options.

One thing you need to know is that sealant on the sides of polyester will start to fail after one year. This is the case with most units and it cannot be prevented. In addition, polyester is waterproof and water resistant.

Polyethylene: Significant upgrade over polyester

Polyethylene is a better option that polyester due to the fact it is much thicker and keeps UV rays away. At the same time, it is waterproof and water resistant. The weight is also higher than polyester which means that it makes the entire tent heavier and more complicated to move around.

Due to all of these features, Polyethylene is considered a mid-range option which is ideal for usages that require a longer period of time. Yes, it is heavier to fold and use but it protects you from UV rays and can last for years. The cost of this material is decent. It simply means that it is more expensive than polyester yet it isn’t as expensive as the third option we will reveal. Anyway, it can make your new canopy pop-up tent suitable for multiple purposes and for a long period of time.

Vinyl: The best option

If you want the best and the most expensive option then vinyl is the one to choose. This is a synthetic material made from chlorine and ethylene. The biggest advantages are immunity on the UV rays and preventing them from reaching the area beneath the canopy and also the water resistance. Vinyl is an outstanding option that can be purchased in many different colors and it is reasonably thick.

There are some models that come with polyester but coated with vinyl. It is applied in liquid form and a very appealing option. In reality, the vinyl coating is durable and cost-effective. We liked it and we believe it is a great alternative for other two materials you were able to see here.


It is mandatory to consider the material of the canopy tent and to choose the one option that suits you the most. All three are known for mentioned pros and cons and now is your turn to decide which one will match your criteria.

12V, 24V Or 36V Trolling Motor: Which One Is The Best?

Considering a new trolling motor? The first answer you need is which voltage to choose. There are 3 main options. They are 12V, 24V or 36V and each one comes with its own list advantages and drawbacks. In order to make the right choice, you will need to consider best trolling motors in a specific voltage range. Let’s discuss them right now.

12V: Affordable and decent choice

12V trolling motors are an excellent choice if you are looking for the most affordable variant. They can still provide decent power and duration of use. In general, most users with boats up to 16 feet who are on a tight budget should consider these units. As just mentioned, they are affordable yet they are reasonably powerful and they can be mounted on various boats.

If you have a larger boat you won’t get the desired duration of the power. The motors of this kind are considered as entry-level and they are precise as the name suggests. In a nutshell, they are a worthy option and they are sufficient for most users. But, if you want more power for a long period of time, you need to move to the next option.

24V: Mid-range option

24V trolling motors are more powerful and they are ideal for boats which are above 16 feet. They have two batteries and they can provide energy for a longer period of time compared to 12V units. When it comes to a price they are not far more expensive so we can deduce that they are a decent value for money as well.

The overall weight of the entire system depends on the unit you choose. They will be heavier than 12V units but not as much as you may believe. We would like to recommend them for users who need extra power and duration of it but aren’t ready to invest a high amount of money.

36V: Best for heavy-duty users

If you have a large boat and you want power, there is one, best option. Trolling motors of 36V power are obviously the most powerful option here. They are great for large boats which are over 22 feet in length and they can provide power as long as you need it.

The price and weight are something that you may consider as drawbacks. The motors are expensive, more than both versions aforementioned and they are heavy. Some units use 3 or even 4 batteries which increase the overall weight of a boat and require additional space. But, you get the speed and power which will repay the overall price.


If you are a beginner with a smaller boat, 12V trolling motor is more than just sufficient. If you are looking for a mid-range option and combo between the price and value, 24V motor is a much better alternative. Those of you who seek for power and duration need to consider 36V motors. They are high-end models that are reserved for professionals and heavy-duty users.

Interesting Accessories You Can Add To Your Hoverboard

Let’s face it, hoverboards are interesting and desirable toys you can use whenever you want. Did you know that there are accessories for them available today? Those accessories are simple, yet functional and impressive. They can transform your hoverboard and adapt it to your expectations perfectly. Now is the time to take a closer look at the best and the most interesting accessories.

Hoverkart: Ideal for the youngest drivers

If you want to make a hoverboard perfect for younger children, there is one accessory that is stunning. It is known as hoverkart and it is precisely as the name suggests. It attaches to any version of hoverboard and adds a seat to it. You can take a closer look at the just to get a better idea.

Once attached to the hoverboard you have a place to seat, obviously. Your legs will be placed on the rod over the front wheel. Controlling the hoverboard is then possible using the two handles next to the seat. Simply press and pull a rod according to the direction you want to use. The best part here is safety. There are no concerns for the youngest drivers. It is also fun and won’t cause fatigue. The hoverkart has a big front wheel so it can be used indoors and outdoors.

The hoverkart is fully adjustable. You can adjust the size by extending the rods on the front. This makes it an ideal accessory for adults as well. It is more comfortable and eliminates the possible stability issues. If you are new to the world of hoverboards now you know how to make it just right. It attaches to the hoverboard with elastic straps. They can be used countless times.

Personalized covers

There are two main benefits of using a protective cover. The first one is obvious. You get the ability to protect your hoverboard and you can ride it across all terrain. When you are done, you can remove a cover and the hoverboard will look like brand new. Attaching it is as simple as it sounds. All you need to do is to add it to the unit. It will blend it perfectly due to the fact it is made from silicone.

The second advantage is being able to personalize your hoverboard. You can choose between various designs which come in all possible colors. Most of the hoverboards are relatively simple in design and come in a single color. A cover offers the ability to make each unit more unique and more appealing while protecting the crucial components.

The final word

You have a hoverboard but you want to personalize it? Do you want a new hoverboard and an accessory for it? Now you know which accessories stand out from the crowd and offer countless advantages. They may be simple and small, but their advantages are massive and extremely important. These accessories are affordable and can be paired with all types of hoverboards. The only limit is your imagination.

Things You Need To Consider Before Hiring Decking Team

Decks have been one of the most desirable parts of a house for ages. They add space, allow you to be outdoors and feel like a king and queen. As such, we all know that they add value to a house and can increase it significantly. Because you are reading this, we all know you are planning to add a deck to your home. Before you actually hire a team of professionals, you will need to consider a few key things.

Choose the boards you will use

The first thing to consider is the decking boards option. If possible, the best thing to do is to get free samples and see how they will look in real time in the real situation. From there you can make any adjustments needed and imagine the end result. Without free samples, you won’t know how a deck will actually look which is a problem.

In most cases, you need to choose between timber and composite boards. Timber is more natural, more expensive and heavier. Composite boards are more affordable, come with a 15-year warranty and they are anti-mold and anti-slip. Despite all of that, they look more modern than actual wood.

Make a sketch

Now you need to make a sketch of your new deck. There are two options you can use to complete the task. The first one is simple, pen and paper and starts drawing. All you need is the basic measurements and the look of a deck, nothing more. A second way is more advanced. You can use computer software to get the task done. This gives you a better insight into the overall look and can help you get a more detailed picture of the completed deck.

Once you construct a sketch you can always make adjustments and add or remove elements. This also helps a team who will make the deck and can increase the overall appeal, while decreasing the overall cost. Of course, it is advised to work alongside your team in creating a sketch that is just right.

Clean the backyard

If you don’t remove the toys and items from your backyard or where a deck will be located, your team will have to do instead of you. This adds cost to the overall project and makes it last longer.

Luckily, you can complete this task all by yourself. Make the spot ready for the team when they arrive so they can start working immediately. It is also advised to close the windows on that side of a house and close the door, so dust and debris don’t get inside.


Depending on the complexity of your new deck this entire project can be completed within a week. Without these simple points, we revealed, you will need an additional 2 or 3 days. Because you are paying all of that saving money by decreasing the overall duration is extremely important. Maybe you will become a deck expert in the future and help others become one as well.

Tips You Can Use To Save Money While Booking Your Next Hotel

Nowadays saving money while traveling is more important than ever before. A good thing is a fact there are a lot of useful ways that actually work and can assist you in decreasing the overall accommodation cost. We were able to find several tips that are simple, yet effective. You can use them right now and start planning your next trip with a discount involved.

  1. Use cost-saving providers

There are specialized providers which will find the most affordable accommodations for your desired destination. One of them is Bookr. The prices they offer are lower than if you book a hotel without their help. This is possible because they get special promotions and discounts which are not available for ordinary users. Using them you can save up to 20% or even more while booking a hotel. The best part, there are available accommodations to any resort you are planning to visit.

  • Pay close attention to mid-priced hotels

Here is the thing. When you book a hotel room for $20 you don’t get free Wi-Fi and breakfast. This is the case in most situations. Add those things and a few basics and the entire cost will be $70. On the other side, you have a hotel with a price of $40 where those things are included. You are literally saving money but still get all you need.

  • Use an app

If or when you use an app that helps you book a hotel you will get special promotions and flash deals. They are not available on the official website. By using this simple thing you can save up to 35% by getting a much better deal on a room. Sadly, these flash deals are not always available so you need to invest some time into finding them as soon as they appear. These apps are available on Google Play and App Store and they can be installed in an unlimited number. You will get notifications once a promotion or flash deal is available.

  • Collect and use hotel points

If you use a hotel credit card or a membership make sure you collect hotel points. They are essential. Basically, you get free accommodation for one or more days. Pay close attention to the mid-range hotels with 3 stars. You can get 2 free night accommodations instead of 1 in a 4-star hotel. After you used the points, you get an option to purchase additional points for $30-40 which is still more affordable than paying for the accommodation without the points.

The final word

Now you are ready to travel. These tips may look simple, but they actually work. Most travelers who have blogs regarding their traveling use all of them and they save a massive amount of money per each trip. The tips are simple to use and they are free. Once you used them, you will store them in long-term memory so you will automatically use them for every new journey.

All You Need To Know About Teds Woodworking Plan

In 2018 over 10 million people have started a woodworking project for the first time. This trend is going to be continued in 2019 and in the future. If you are one of them you know that finding a new, first project is annoying and complicated. There are no a lot of simple, yet appealing projects and help isn’t something you can get easily. Luckily, there is Teds Woodworking Plan and it is developed for newbies specifically.

Teds Woodworking Plan is excellent for beginners

At you can get the ultimate review of the Teds Woodworking Plan and see is it right for you. All beginners and intermediate users will definitely appreciate the plan. It is developed specifically for them, therefore it offers all kinds of DIY projects that can be completed in a garage without the use of high-end tools and operations.

There are around 16.000 projects in the program. In reality, this number is lower, but you can notice that some projects can be completed in multiple ways which bring the total count to the just mentioned number. All the plans are categorized according to complexity meaning you will start with simple ones and gradually increase the complexity and the steps involved.

Help is always available

Now we want to target the help which was an issue with similar and previous plans of the same kind. Basically, you get a plan and you are unable to find additional help for a project. This isn’t the case with the Teds Woodworking Plan. First of all, you have customer support which will answer any question you have within 48 hours. We checked and we actually got a response, therefore, we can guarantee this advantage.

A more important fact is that you have the ability to watch and download videos that are directly related to a project you are working on. This was another issue for newbies. They start a project, reach some level and they encounter a problem. Without help, it is impossible to solve it! The plan in question assists you even then, so you can watch a video and get back to work.

Variety of plans is impressive

One reason why we liked the plan is the variety of plans. As aforementioned, there are 16.000 plans or equivalent. You can start with the simplest ones which include building simple wooden toys or pieces of furniture. When you feel ready, you can move to the next project that will be slightly more complex. In no time you will reach a high level of craftsmanship and you will construct items that were almost impossible a few weeks before.

The projects are carefully categorized and divided meaning you get the most out of each one. The variety of plans is stunning in the lack of a better word and there are DIY projects for all users.


Teds Woodworking Plan definitely should be considered if you are a beginner or intermediate hobbyist. Things you can create are impressive and will increase your skills significantly. Add the fact there are a lot of different projects available and you can realize why millions have been using the pan already.