What Is The Process Of Locating An IP Address?

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What Is The Process Of Locating An IP Address?

Internet Protocol, usually known as IP address is a numerical label which has four sets of numbers and this numerical identity is assigned to every computer network. With the help of technological advancements, the IP address can be used to trace the geographical location of the particular device. There are a lot of websites that provide the services of handy orten and finding other portable devices. You just have to register yourself in one of those trusted websites and then track any of your devices very easily.

The IP address is divided into two categories i.e. ipv6 and ipv4 in which the ipv6 is the upgraded version and opens more possibilities to get tracked easily. To know how it works, you have to register yourself on a good website where you have to enter your mobile number and email address for verification. Once you will complete the process then you can jump on the ‘Locate IP address’ panel, where you have to enter the IP address of the device which has to be tracked. However, every device which is connected to the internet has two IP addresses i.e. one from the public network and other from the private network. If you are tracking a cell phone then you should choose to track it with public IP address because they are more stable than private.    

What is the accuracy of IP based tracking?

The IP address has the real-time geographical address of any laptop, mobile or any device with internet connections. This geographical address has the coded mapping of the longitude and latitude of the particular device’s location. The mapping of the particular geo-location also includes the city, country, domain name, ISP and couple more things.

Thus, how accurate the tracked location is, will completely depend upon the given database. However, experts say that most of the IP to the country database is accurate up to 99% while only a few IP to city range might fall in the accuracy of 50 – 75%. So, it can be concluded that whenever you will be searching for any device with its IP address then you will be getting accurate results.

Using software to search the location of any device

These service providers also provide advanced software which you can install in your laptop, PC or Mac. They are one step ahead as you get more features like saving the devices, geo-fencing, live tracking, etc. You can also add IP addresses of all your and your family’s devices in it and track any of them from anytime and anywhere you want.

It can serve you several benefits like if you want to track any of your lost listed devices them all you have to do is open the IP address tracking software in your laptop and click on the lost device from the list of devices. Within a few seconds, you will be able to track its location. If the lost device is portable then you can get its live location or set it on an alarming geofencing area so that if the thief crosses it then it will automatically send the theft report to the nearest police station. 

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