What Makes Pickleball Shoes Different From Other Sports Shoes?

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April 19, 2019
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What Makes Pickleball Shoes Different From Other Sports Shoes?

A very common misconception among people regarding the pickleball is that you can wear any kind of sports shoes while playing this game, which is completely wrong. This game needs quick reflexes and control over the body should be stable in the game and for that, your shoes play a vital role. If you are a beginner and wondering what do you need to get started then it is just a good paddle, a couple of balls and an excellent pair of pickleball shoes.

You can log on to any top rated website of pickleball accessories and choose your favorite pair. However, a lot of people debate about these shoes that since pickleball can be played both indoors and in outdoor court then you can also wear any kind of tennis shoes. But these shoes have features of both indoor and outdoor games which is what makes them different. Given below are some features which you can collectively get in these shoes:

Breathable Mesh – Be it an indoor game or outdoor, breathable mesh will provide great comfort in playing to the pickleball players. This layer also acts as a cushion in the sidewalls of the shoes due to which you get good support and will be able to create a better balance. The mesh of these shoes is specially designed to withstand high temperature when a player is playing in the outside court by passing the humidity of feet which eliminates the chances of rashes and other skin damages.

Great Traction – Unlike other shoes, these shoes have more of natural rubber which is also helpful in enhancing the traction between the shoes and the court’s surface. Since they are used on both the rough outdoor courts as well as smooth indoor courts, so the sole is also designed to support both the surfaces. These shoes have a higher level of traction than other shoes because they have to be used on both kinds of courts. 

Design – Its design is another feature what makes it different from other tennis and sports shoes. The toe tip of these shoes has a bit of square edge while other kinds of sports shoes have a round or oval edge. Also, these shoes have a broader cushion base to give more comfort to the player. The design of these shoes also includes thick heels which you won’t usually get in any other shoe. The thick heels are meant to provide comfort because heels have to bear a lot of pressure. Overall, the design of the shoes is made to give comfort to the players and its design is also what makes it look different from other shoes.   

Padded tongue and sole – Not all kinds of shoes come with this feature which you will surely get in these shoes i.e. padded collar and tongue. It also gives good support to the player but the main function of the padded tongue is to give a little more comfort to the players of this quick game. Not just the tongue but the upper sole of the shoes also has a padded layer which lies just below your feet. It helps in absorbing the shocks or jerks and avoids any kind of injury.

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