Give Effective Services To Students With Great Fleet Management

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September 11, 2019
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September 11, 2019

Give Effective Services To Students With Great Fleet Management

It is normal for parents to worry about the safety of their child when he or she is commuting to and fro from the school. In actual, it is the responsibility of the school to provide safety to students on the road and provide real-time information to parents about the whereabouts of their child. If you are an owner of an educational institute and want to manage the fleet properly, it is advised to log on to for more details.

How an online GPS tracking system helps you in proper school’s fleet administration?

History of trip and route alteration

Online mobile tracking application uses GPS which allows the school administration to have an overview of the trip, in real-time and after the completion. Thus, admin of educational institute can provide genuine information to drivers regarding route optimization as well as predefining it in advance. Thus, parents will get assurance and it also provides help in reducing the state of confusion between parents and school authority.

Create alerts

Effective GPS tracking application allows you to provide timely information about the child’s departure from the school premises. Moreover, you can also provide information to parents about the arrival of the bus at their place when it is only a couple of blocks away.

Access management and grouping of vehicles

With proper online GPS tracking device, it is very easy for a school administration to group vehicles and allot them individually to sub-admin, this advocates for effective functioning. You can also provide the assignment to multiple sub-admin to overlook whether students of a particular area reach in time or not.

Management of payment

With a GPS tracking system, educational institutes will be transparent with parents on the means of services which their child acquires every month. For this, they can also send automated data straight to the mobile phone of parents. Thus, it is very convenient to charge parents based on the total distance which a child traveled every month and the number of stops made.

Automated generation of report

Through the use of proper GPS tracking, it is very easy for school administration to generate several reports viz. moving overview, mileage, stay and geo-fencing report. Thus, it becomes too easy to analyze data and improve the fleet’s operation. This process will give them an idea of whether it would be beneficial to continue using a specific bus or not.

Observe the behavior of the driver

When the school administration uses a GPS tracking application, they get to know how the driver is operating the vehicle. By analyzing the total distance and time taken, one can calculate the average speed of the bus. Thus, you will come to know whether he is driving within the speed limits or not.

Reminders about servicing

With the use of online GPS application, you get a chance to save the time of the driver and you also get a reminder about the repair and up-gradation of the vehicle. This process will give you a chance to make necessary changes right away and save yourself from major future replacements

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