How BMX Bikes Are Different?

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September 11, 2019
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September 11, 2019

How BMX Bikes Are Different?

BMX bikes are not like your ordinary bikes or mountain bikes. These bikes are used for doing stunts on the streets. There are usually two categories in these bikes, one is a freestyle bike and the other one is a race bike. If you are willing to go for street riding, it is suggested to get the bike with a heavier frame and lighter frame is considered best for racing. These bikes are available in different designs and colors. To check out the best options and models in BMX bikes, you can see this article.  

Some ways in which BMX bikes are different from ordinary bikes

  • Lightweight build – Ordinary bikes come in the tubes of 45 inches whereas BMX bikes have 20 inches tube. You can imagine how small BMX bikes are as compared to the ordinary ones. The small frame of these bikes makes them perfect for different stunts performed by the professionals. These bikes can easily swing to 360 degrees without any frame damage when falling hard from the mid-air. The frame of these bikes is light which makes it easier to lift them while riding to make short jumps and picking up the speed again. The most common material used in these bikes is Chromoly, an alloy of molybdenum and chrome. This material is the key to durability and less weight of the bikes. There are several other options in materials. So, you should choose the materials carefully while buying one.
  • Durability – these bikes are made for rough handling as stunts and tricks result in too many shocks and jerks to the bike. These bikes are strongly made usually with chrome steel which is a very durable alloy. Many street riders go for chrome steel. Those who prefer bikes for race purpose usually go for aluminum as these bikes are very lightweight. It is due to the materials that BMX bikes are more durable and stronger than ordinary bikes.
  • Fewer components – the great advantage of these bikes is that they do not require having pedaling efficiency. These bikes sport single gear to reduce the weight of the bike’s frame and these bikes are not used for long distances. They also do not contain any freewheel assembly thus it is very useful in performing the activities easily. It also allows you to backpedal using which you can go in reverse. Fewer components make the bike safe as its light body lowers the risk of falling while doing stunts.
  • Powerful wheel – the wheels of the BMX bikes are very different from that of the standard bikes. These wheels are different for different bikes. Bikes used for off-road tracks have wheels which are small in size specially designed for perfect grip whereas the freestyle bikes have the wheel size up to 20 inches with deep grooves. Bikes which are used for flatland don’t necessarily require deep groves as they can easily work with less friction. Powerful build rims are used in these bikes to provide extra durability.

These bikes have U-brakes which are different from the ones used in standard bikes. However, the bikers generally do not make use of brakes in these bikes. They stop it using their feet on rear wheel.

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