How Often You Need To Clean Your Home?

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How Often You Need To Clean Your Home?

Cleaning can be fun, but this doesn’t change the fact it is mandatory. Different parts of a home need to be cleaned in different time periods. Today, you will learn which parts of a home need to be cleaned daily, weekly and in other time periods and also why. After all, it is essential to understand proper cleaning has a positive effect on hygiene and can protect you from nasty germs and bacteria.

Daily: Kitchen

A kitchen should be cleaned daily. This doesn’t involve deep cleaning but rather dust removal and wiping the countertops. At the same time, you can clean the floor if needed. Kitchen needs to be professionally cleaned, like experts at Leduc cleaning services perform. It will make sure the hygiene is proper and there are no germs and bacteria that may affect your meals while cooking.

If you have small children, it is essential to clean the kitchen once a day. You can even hire professionals to do it instead of you. In that case scenario, you can clean your kitchen once a week, but wipe the countertops once a day.

Weekly: Bedroom and bathroom

Bedroom needs attention as well. Yes if you like you can clean it every day, but in most homes, it requires weekly cleaning. This means that you need to replace your bedding and wipe the elements removing the dust. Make sure to vacuum it at least once a week although more frequent vacuuming can be an even better choice.

The bathroom doesn’t have to be cleaned every single day. After all, it is a complicated and time-consuming task that will require from you a lot of patience. Instead, clean it once a week, but wipe all the areas and the floor. Use the proper detergents and cleaning solutions that kill germs and bacteria, especially in the toilet.

 One per year: Deep cleaning

Every single year a homeowner needs to clean his home entirely. This is known as deep cleaning and you may need to get a better idea about what it involves. We will give you just a few examples. Deep cleaning includes cleaning of ceiling fans, air vents, and areas under the furniture. Of course, the entire process has a lot more segments and all of them are equally important.

Deep cleaning must be implemented to the entire house, not only one part. By performing it, you need to pay close attention to details as well. Each segment must be completed in a matter that it doesn’t require additional attention. In return, you will have a clean home which is free of germs and bacteria. There won’t be dust either.


It is crucial to know when and what to clean. By following this simple recommendation you will have a clean home, yet you won’t invest a lot of time into actually cleaning it. This is the beauty of proper organization. We should add that if you are germophobe you will probably clean the entire house every day, so this won’t be very helpful for you.

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