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We have developed the first smoke alarm based on the photoelectric technology, but our products are more diversified.

Become familiar with what Halo Smart Labs has in store for you and make the best choice based on your actual necessities – we are flexible and can provide some customization as well.


The photoelectric technology sounds a bit fancy to those who are not familiar with it. It is not a new technology. In fact, it has been used in various devices for years, yet we are the first company to implement it into smoke alarms. As a direct consequence, the efficiency of our alarms has been improved by over 300%.


We have designed our smoke alarms to prevent wasting your time. Classic alarms will take a while to detect smoke. Your room will already be smoked by the time they warn you. If you have a big house, you have no idea where the problem is. Is it the kitchen? Is it a faulty plug that caught fire in a room? It can drive you crazy. However, our units will detect smoke in an early stage. Telling you where it comes from will save valuable time.


The ionization technology is the base of the photoelectric technology. It is more efficient at making the difference between steam and smoke. It is also more sensitive, so it will detect smoke much faster than a classic smoke alarm. In other words, you get more time to save yourself and your loved ones or tackling the potential danger.


Smoke alarms represent legal requirements in many countries. In other countries, they are optional. There are no requirements for alarms – they can be loud and they can be used for anything. From this point of view, we have supplied customers all over the world. It makes no difference where you are or what you need an alarm for – be it your house or your business. Order it online, download the app and you are ready to protect your environment.


Our advanced smoke alarms will not just ring when they detect something. Sure, they will all be activated and give you some signals, but the truth is you need more than that. Where is the smoke coming from? Nothing to worry about. Our systems will identify the source and will also tell you where to go to see the problem.


You do not require an expert to install your smoke alarm. You also do not need someone to test it. The installation is fairly simple. The package comes with instructions and makes a sweet DIY project that can be completed within minutes only. When it comes to setting the alarm, you can download our free application and control everything through it. Obviously, you will need an Internet connection for remote controls.