The most innovative smoke alarm out there

Excellent for those who need peace of mind

Halos Smart Labs is proud to introduce a smart smoke alarm that only needs to be setup once before its protection kicks in.

It will take care of you based on your habits. It is a smart alarm that will get used to your habits and observe your necessities for the ultimate smoke and fire protection.

Coming with innovative features to make the difference

Our smoke alarm is now among the best selling smart devices ever.

Our smoke alarm is about safety – not about comfort, bells, and whistles, but about keeping you and your family safe.

, Unlike regular alarms, it comes with extra features to help you tackle the situation faster. For example, it will also tell you which room the smoke comes from, so you will reach right away.

While originally designed for residential households, we were surprised to see more and more customers have installed our smoke alarms into business environments – totally understandable. Such an alarm will keep your business in good condition, but it may also reduce your business insurance premium due to adding to your safety – an investment that will pay by itself in no time.

Changing lives, homes and businesses

Ideal for families and business environments

In a world that seems to lose its identity by providing innovation over safety, we are here to provide both of these elements.

We know how stressful it can be to think about your home and loved ones all the time, so we try to raise the safety standards for people like you to find the peace of mind they deserve.