Ben Stagg


Ben Stagg has had a think-outside-the-box mind and an entrepreneurial spirit for as long as anyone can remember. He and Chad White have worked together on numerous projects, most recently in the creation of Halo and founding of Halo Smart Labs.

Previously, he was a cruise missile technician in the Air Force, where he laid the foundation for his knowledge of and passion for electronic technology. He is passionate about creating a product that combines the best of safety technology and home automation to help meet needs on an individual and global scale.

Chad White


Chad White is an Army veteran who previously worked as a sales executive in medical technology. He and Ben have been business partners and friends for the past twelve years, and he recently relocated cross-country to Charlotte, NC in order to work on Halo.

Chad’s entrepreneurial drive comes from his passion for community, using Halo and home automation technology to make a measurable difference and positively impact change in the world.

Phil Smith


Phil Smith’s 22-year advertising career took him from London to New York, to Charlotte, NC, where he was partner/president of a national agency. In that time, he helped build brands as diverse as Coca-Cola, Lysol, State Farm, Mindspring, and HBO, to name just a few.

He believes building the Halo brand will be the pinnacle of his career.

Joshua Cox


Josh Cox graduated from UNC-Charlotte with a B.S. in Electrical Engineering. He is currently tackling several personal tech projects in addition to his work with Halo Smart Labs.

Josh joined the company when Halo was great, intangible idea, with the bold statement that he could make it a reality. He’s a dreamer, thinker, and entrepreneur excited to be a member of this team.

Sara Melo


Sara Melo graduated from UNC Charlotte with a B.S. in Computer Engineering.Sara wears many hats at Halo, working on software and applications development as well as embedded systems and systems integration.

She is passionate about all home-automation technology, learning, and living a meaningful life.

Peter O'Connor


Peter O’Connor earned his B.S in electrical engineering and graduated with honors from UNC Charlotte.

He is highly experienced with embedded systems and is passionate about all things technology.

Justin Hinson


Justin Hinson is a recent graduate of UNC Charlotte where he majored in electrical engineering. Justin is passionate, hardworking and has a strong entrepreneurial spirit – which made his decision to join the Halo team an easy one.

His core area of focus at Halo Smart Labs is PCB design, RF circuits, and integrating components to create an entire system.

Stephen Sheppard


Stephen Sheppard is passionate about engineering and specializes in PCB development, statistical analyses, and pushing the boundaries between possible/impossible.

During his free time, Stephen enjoys spending time with his family, rock climbing, and snow skiing.

Don Clarke


Donald M. Clarke, Jr. is a 45 year veteran Radiation Safety Officer who is dedicated to the safety of all individuals working with radioactive materials.

In his free time, Donald enjoys bowling, camping and fishing with his wife.

Alejandra Lazarini


Alejandra Lazarini received a B.S. in Industrial Design from Appalachian State University.

Her interest in improving home life led her to Halo Smart Labs, where she joined the team as a product designer. She’s detail-oriented and always has the customer in mind.