Wi-Fi Range Extenders – Are They Worth It?

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September 11, 2019
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September 11, 2019

Wi-Fi Range Extenders – Are They Worth It?

Wi-Fi is one of the biggest breakthroughs in networking technology in recent years. Wi-Fi allows connection of multiple devices and provides them with a consistent and fast internet connection. This technology uses a device called router to distribute signals from servers which it receives from a receiver usually located on the roofs of buildings.

A lot of people face issues where they have weak signal strength in certain parts of their rooms or house. This is because the signal from router isn’t reaching that far. This can be eliminated by using Wi-Fi range extenders that are easily available in the market. The best wifi range extender can heavily boost the signal consistency and strength of the signal coming out from your router.

The technology behind Wi-Fi range extenders

The Wi-Fi range extender is a simple piece of technology that requires a power source like a power socket you use to charge your various devices. The technology behind this is that the devices catch the signals coming from your existing routers and rebroadcast them around the area they are plugged in. This strengthens the signals in those areas and increases the range enough to allow you to stay connected around the house. These devices generally have 2 antennas out of which 1 is responsible for capturing the signal from your router and the other works to distribute those signals further. These devices are made with a focus on making your routers more efficient which is why they are loaded with technology that can easily counter different factors that can affect the signal strength of your Wi-Fi.

They are ideal for commercial uses as well and are commonly found in bars, restaurants, retail stores, etc. as there are lots of devices connected through a single channel, and this slows down the internet speed.

Benefits of Wi-Fi range extenders

There are a lot of benefits that Wi-Fi extenders provide to their users and the following are some of the important ones.

It allows for connecting more devices on a single router

These devices not only boost the signals but also allow connectivity of even more devices than a single router can handle. These devices aren’t just good for extending the range and signal strength, they also enhance the usability of your pre-existing hardware.

Avoiding obstacle

There are a lot of things in a house that can interfere with the signal strength of a Wi-Fi. Things like microwave, magnets, some building materials, etc. often interfere with signals. Wi-Fi extenders help to remove those obstacles and provide smooth performance throughout the house.

Better signal strength and overall performance

The main benefit of having these devices is the fact that they can improve the performance of your current router by boosting the signal strength and range. Routers tend to get slow as more and more devices are connected but when you use extenders, you will free a bit of processing from your router which will allow for stronger signals.

Wi-Fi extenders are great for residential as well as commercial use. You should understand the features of your current router and choose an extender accordingly for the best results.

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